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Offseason Preparation

My title for so long has been Olympic Gold Medalist, and when people hear that, they immediately think, 24/7 grind. They are absolutely right but I’m certain people are unaware of how the grind looks. The downtime and offseason is the part of the “grind” people overlook. I push my body to unimaginable levels and my break period is the only way I have been able to consistently do that year after year. I am thankful that right now I am in my offseason because it gives me the space and time to reflect on the journey I’ve been on and the tough road ahead, 2021 Olympics! Offseason also gives me time to appreciate. Appreciate the gift I have been blessed with and those close calls when it could have all been taken away.
During the offseason I make it a point to truly relax in ways that work for me. I have a set way of unwinding and adding in the things I had to put on pause because of training. Things like sleeping longer, eating as unhealthy as My body allows and mentally shutting my mind off from Track and Field.
Because I know how important destressing is, I am always open to new ways to mentally and physically relax and rejuvenate. For a long time I had been hearing about CBD but didn’t know much about it and thought it just wasn’t for me. So I decided to do more research and found out our bodies naturally produce it! I also learned the benefits and felt it would be a great addition in my return to training for my third Olympic quest. I still think we all can agree that’s weird to say, Olympics 2021.
This offseason I have found ways to include it in my everyday life that were organic and most beneficial. I noticed the vegan gummies were great for calmness and clarity on the go, “If that ain’t my life right now.” I wake up and pop a gummy to start the day because let’s be honest,
yes it is my offseason from track and field, but I never have an offseason from being a mommy. Harper is definitely “her mother’s child” and that means when I am not making time for myself while she naps, I am busy taking care of her. She’s pretty good at playing alone but mommy has plenty of times throughout the day where she’s playing around like a toddler too. Honestly my body feels good doing it but one thing about me is I have always been one for taking preventive measures. I do the extra stretching and icing and regularly visit my physical therapist when nothing hurts. I like to see the big picture and I pride myself in getting a jump start on the things my body needs. That is why the relief cream will be a staple in my prep for training. I have had 3 knee surgeries and have heard the words ‘your career could be over.’ Applying this relief cream that has anti-inflammatory properties is crucial for my end of day routine as well because it let’s me know I am getting a jump start on the next day. With a good nights rest I am ready to tackle anything the day has for me.
I share this journey intimately with my husband/coach. He understands the everyday battles and how important my offseason recovery is. Because he is such a hands on coach he wanted to know first hand how this product would be affecting me. He irritated his hip about 2 months ago and figured this would be the perfect time to try. I tell you he is a fool! The way he ran around the house yelling his hip feels better, it made me laugh hysterically. I guess what I’m trying to say is this offseason is off to a great start thanks to BioFit360. I can’t wait to see how my body continues to respond during this time and also when I ramp it up for training.

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