Freak Accident vs. BioFit 360 Relief Cream

How I got a random injury during offseason and used BioFit 360 to heal quicker.

I have always felt that I have bionic ankles. I have twisted them on runs, landed off the hurdle wrong but never felt pain or dealt with any swelling. This Thursday was different. I went to Los Angeles on a business trip and when it comes to business let’s be honest, who doesn’t try and squeeze in fun. Well take it from me, stick with your first mind. I have always been nervous about those scooters that are now available to ride around downtown areas because of it being such high foot traffic. My husband loves them and almost feels they are the only way to travel now. When downtown he likes to park further away so he can ride the scooter longer. With all his joy he talked me into riding my own, bad idea. Riding to our destination was ok although I did almost hit a guy and his dog. I had to jump off and the dog went running for his life. I felt terrible and the owner looked at me as though I almost mowed his child down. I apologized repeatedly as I sped off. I arrived at my destination safely and had a great meeting but a turn of events was right around the corner. Can you feel the suspense rising? Well I did too. My husband talked me into riding the scooter back to our car. He was riding in front then slowed down to have me in front so he could see me and make sure I was safe. Such a gentlemen right? No! worst idea ever! We were stopped at a light waiting for it to change, having a good conversation in the night air. The light changed and I went to push off on my scooter and when I hit the engine it took off. It was going fast like before but the curve was really high this time. I tried to swerve to take the low ramp but realized I was loosing control of the scooter. I hit a lower part of the curve and stumbled a little but caught my footing. All is well right, no. The gentlemen of a husband I have was close behind me and didn’t have time to stop. He rammed my ankle between his scooter and mine. To be clear, my ankle is what stopped his fast moving scooter. The pain that shot through my ankle to my foot and through my leg was unreal. All I could do was freeze and be in shock of how quickly our fun ride went wrong. I stood there for a while with my head down trying not to panic and not think my ankle was broken. I believe I have a high pain tolerance but the pain kept throbbing. I was able to gather myself and limp back to the car. When I got in the car I took my shoe off my ankle had already started to swell. I knew for the first time I would have a REAL swollen ankle but didn’t know how bad it would be. The big issue was I had a photo shoot the next day and it was supposed to be of me working out. On this ankle, maybe not. I knew I needed to jump on it right away so I took out my relief cream that was in my bag. Who carries around relief cream? Well earlier that day I had a meeting with my physical therapist about how this years treatment would go and I wanted to tell him I felt this cream needed to be included. What a life saver. I took it out of my bag and rubbed it around the open wounds, on my foot and up my leg. I didn’t want to miss a spot. I kid you not, 2 minutes later while I was talking to my husband I stopped mid sentence to tell him I couldn’t feel the pain anymore! See for him he used it before on his back when it was bothering him and said it worked fast but at that time I didn’t have any injuries to compare the quick relief too. He says, “I told you it worked fast.” I replied, “yeah but I didn’t know it would be this fast and this effective!” I got home and iced for 20min and rubbed more cream on my ankle. Before bed I iced one last time and you guessed it, I rubbed more relief cream on. I was trying to do all I could to be able to move around the next day for the photo shoot. In the morning I woke up and for a split second and forgot about the scooter accident. When I went to put my foot down I was extremely nervous but it felt pretty good. I had a little bit of morning to myself because the shoot wasn’t until later. I was intentional to move around slowly wanting to be careful but my ankle felt fine. It was now time to get dressed and my real hesitation was putting my shoes back on. I got dressed without any issues and out the door.The shoot went amazing! I was able to do everything we planned without any changes. I am telling you I would not have been able to have the successful next day without the healing properties of BioFit360 relief cream. This product has confirmed to me that natural is the best way to go and our bodies will respond immediately to it.