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With the holidays in full effect and being a planner, I kind of take the whole holiday season on as a challenge. A challenge to somehow be involved in all the holiday festivities, stay on task with my training and enjoy every minute of it. I have a pretty set schedule as to how my day and week flow, but the holidays and family can throw it all off. The fun holidays add more stress but somehow, I, we, are supposed to keep it all together and be happy about it.

I am determined to enjoy the holidays. Ok, that sentence almost doesn’t make since, Lol, but I am. I have lived away from my entire family, husband included for years and the holidays have always been a time that has brought me back to where I feel safe and loved and that’s with family. Now that I live at home the feeling hasn’t changed but the prep for the holidays has. I used to just fly in and show up. Oh, how nice that was. Now I have a child and am included in the whole holiday prep. I have always known what was done to prep for the holidays but now I am in the mix. Thanksgiving was even at my house this year, stressful. If you haven’t hosted a holiday dinner, I suggest you do, just to understand and appreciate the saint that opens their door to you and your family year after year. Christmas was at my sisters, so I guess she’s a saint too. …

Dawn Nelson

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